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​Its that time of year! Where Huge schools of Bull Reds push through Pensacola Bay. These Schools are absolutely breath taking, imagine a football field covered in Red Fish busting on the surface and that’s no exaggeration. If you’re an angler in search of Catching this is the BEST time to Rip some lips and get that rod bowed up!!! High intensity fishing, high speed running and gunning, and Giant Red Fish in the 20-30lb class is the target.
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Here are some of my most recent trips. The weather in Pensacola FL is perfect this time of year. Lots of very big speckled trout are being caught on EVERY trip including 1 trophy wall mount caught by a 14 year old kid. I had the pleasure of taking out a father and son. These are my most favorite trips. Seeing a father and son bond on the water is truly a special thing to me. ( its what my father and I did growing up )
After every fish his son caught I could see the proud happy dad look all over his face - Awesome - These moments are truly priceless* it takes fishing way beyond just catching fish and as a Guide the sense of accomplishment is truly surreal. Fish was tagged and released to fight another day. The Father is going to mount that fish for him!!!! 


Ran a double today* Both groups wanted to do a second trip after doing the first... literally just days after their first trip!!!!! here are some pics!!!

Catching Big Specks morning and afternoon!!!! Wanna Run and Gun? Wanna Catch Fish all day long? How about that fierce Bonito Bite* Lots of drag rippin action without a dull moment awaits at www.limitoutcharters.com offering day and night trips, inshore/offshore or a mix of it all, how about a morning of your chance at a Gator Trout and a afternoon limit of snapper??? you name it ill plan for it. Just call me at (650) 201-4604 and LETS GET IT DONE!

Memorial Day Mash

Woke up to Thunderstorms this morning but that didn't stop me from leaving the house at 0430 to pick up the boat and get the day started. I knew that at about 6am the storm was going to clear. Thank God it did. Took a father and son out this morning and they got to experience some awesome fishing. 

Even the Black Drum are gobbling up Matrix Shad!!!! Sweet Catch*

4th day in a row and running for landing specks over 20" !!!!!!

limiting out on Red Fish !!!!!

Crazy top water action !!!!

Fishing in the Rain because the Fish are already Wet LOL

<![CDATA[RAISING THE BAR WHILE DEEP IN THE TROUGH]]>Wed, 24 May 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://limitoutcharters.com/fishing-reports/raising-the-bar-while-deep-in-the-troughPicture

Wind Wind Wind..... my fellow local fishermen know what Im taking about. The past 10 days or so its been blowing something ferocious. North, South West and East it seems like regardless of direction the common denominator is relentless punishment. One thing is for sure the Kite boarders and Sailors have been truly enjoying themselves. The fish on the other hand have been gorging themselves weather it be BIG Gator Trout stacking up on protein for their spawn or Red Fish, flounder, Spanish Mackerel, Blue fish, White trout, and the ever so abundant Lady Fish; they are all using this wind as a conveyor belt buffet. The fish are literally stacked up in ambush points sitting and waiting for the wind to bring them their next meal. This means as long as you know what to look for you can have a banner day on the water when nobody else with a fishing pole is in sight.

The Report

Started the day at about 8am immediately catching a Solid speck about 21" on top water. At this point in time the water was very high and the wind was blowing but I was in a protected area. I then began to pick the area apart but no more blow ups to show for it. So I made a move to pick up Gary at his dock. The plan was to search and find. We did do a lot of searching but didn't find much to speak of ( a few specks here and there ) after enough searching the boredom took over and I decided to take us to a place I knew the reds where holding. We immediately were getting hammered by some reds but no hook ups. Mind you top water lures where being thrown all the way to this point its now about noon. With all the cloud cover and wind the fish were still reacting to surface plugs.

I then drop Gary back off at home. On the way back to the ramp I decide to hit another spot. With a hard outgoing tide and extreme West wind this area looked good. Built up of sand bars and points it offered protection in the middle of some high seas. I made my first drift along the bank and on my first cast I hook into a keeper speck* NOW im on to something is what Im saying to myself. I start fan casting and drifting the entire bank and I ended up with a total of 3 keepers on a single drift. I then restarted my drift but this time further off the bank and closer to the sand bars. What really caught my eye was the mullet skipping on the bars. Now on a new drift I begin fan casting my new bearing. Now catching fish on almost every other cast... Until "BAM" a big hit!!! drag screaming bloody mercy I think I have hooked a red until the fish jump out the water like a leaping Salmon.... BIG OL' Speck on!!! Nice. Boated that fish and kept casting. After making way to my reset point very slowly, thanks to power pole I decided to make another drift. This time on top of the bars. I caught less fish this way but noticed all the mullet sitting on top of the bar. The Specks were sitting on the down current side and leeward side of the bar just waiting for mother natures Conveyor Belt to bring them their next meal.

I ended up with 5 fish over 20" and too many keepers and throwbacks to count. ( all these fish were caught on a Jerk Bait or Fluke ) ( clouds left and the sun was shinning )

I then picked up Brandon from a dock and we got on some reds right away. Like the specks they had a Conveyor Belt of their own. They were sitting on a wind Blow point just on the leeward side. We were casting right were they should be and the reds where reacting immediately but again no hook ups.... the fish just couldnt connect to top water.

As the sun went down I finally decided to get out the wind and fish some protected banks at a last shot chance to land some top water fish. Ended up with a 21" speck and 41" Bull with a few keeper specks mixed in. 

A long day on the Grind of doing some Captain homework.... I have charters the next few days and will update this post on how they do with hopefully some awesome pics of Big specks and fat reds!!!!

Tight Lines and Good Fishin!!!!
Capt Josh 
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 Mid month

Many anglers along the gulf coast like to target specks during the early spring months. Water temps are in the sweet zone, grass beds and flats become alive, fish are transitioning and migrating , baits are blooming and becoming abundant and the Speckled Trout begin to spawn. Like any spawning fish this is when the Biggins tend to come out and play* Many ways to target these fish and Im not talkin just about spots or areas, lures or bait.... yes location plays a Huge factor and yes lures do as well..... but lets talk about the here and the now.

Im no marine biologist so Im not the most scientific guy, but I am a fishermen who takes all variables into factor. Time of year, moon phase, and weather patterns are the 3 MAJOR factors to having a successful trip even before you touch a rod. 

Then when you do decide to rig your rods its important to use lure (s) that attract big bites. Ive personally caught my Biggest Speckled Trout ever on topwater and many in the 24-28" class. The theory of big lures big fish isn't full proof but it does hold some truth. Gator trout like many big fish like to eat bigger baits. Many say Gator trout like to eat croakers, mullet and pin fish exc exc So what in your tackle box has that profile and imitates those fish???? 

Wearher patterns -

Its a beautiful day outside! No wind birds chirping and not a cloud in the sky ahhhh yes!!!! perfect day to go fishing, right? Of course it is!!!! But pump the brakes* I have found that ugly nasty dark windy days will usually out produce those blue bird skies 10-1 This doesnt mean fish in the middle of a thunderstorm but it does mean fish before and after them. 

Moon -

targetting big specks before and after a full moon cycle is key to getting on a good bite. Ive written enough reports about moon phases that Neil Armstrong would have thought I walked on the Moon... so not goin in depth as to why.....

Moon phase + weather pattern = 13APR17

Yesterday we had a storm roll through fairly quickly right at about 6pm. I was on the water and got hit with that sudden swift cool wind. Thats when I looked up and said oh'Sheeeot its comming as the darkness rolled in so did the fish in the box. Specksand redssuddenly flooded the flats.... awesome bite!

The past few days we've been in a neap tide phase the flats haven't been producing their "normal" amount of fish.... which is "normal" for a neap tide. But as the moon starts fading from full the tides become greater* 

This morning Chas and I wrecked some Gator Mules. Lots of fish over 20" and the biggest just shy of 26" we were on the water as the sky took its first colors of pink and orange, you know that first light deal. Bomb casting over grass beds and occasionally a bowling ball would drop on your lure. Kablooosh was a familiar sound all morning many missed strikes but we boated enough to say we had an incredible day. The deal was to simply cover ground and walk the dog using a Matrix Mullet. Topwater lures are by far the MOST exciting way to catch fish. And a highly productive way to catch BIG fish. 

Here are a few pics

Tight Lines and Good Fishin 
Capt Josh

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Since the beginning of the month the the bite inshore has been off the hook!!! lots Speckled Trout and Red Fish!!!

My goal on my charters to raise your bar of inshore fishing.... Pensacola's fishery can have most anglers scratching their heads.... and my job is to not only ensure you walk away having had a good time* and a box of fish but that you've learned some new skill sets to be productive in your area! 

here are some pointers you can expect to learn
-how to dissect a grass flat
-how to break down an entire body of water
-how to read the water for different activity
-how to chase the tide and follow the active bite
-how to use artificial lures and how to work them in different situations
-how to approach an area in stealth while optimizing your point of contact
the list goes on but that should give you and idea

if learning how to inshore fish in a tactical, progressive, highly productive manner is something you are interested in then lets rig you up and get you on the water*

I will be updating this thread as much as possible please visit my facebook page #Lim-It-Out Charters or just look me up Joshua Lim, lots of LIVE videos and LIVE client reviews!!! check it out**

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Tis that time of year folks! Sun is shining water is warming and the fish are definitely biting!!!! at www.limitoutcharters.com

As the water temps rise the inshore fishery is becoming more and more productive across the board. Fish such as Red Drum and Speckled Trout have found there way back to the grass beds lingering around the 1.5-3ft range. Right now the Reds are schooled up hunting in packs so if you hook 1 you can be sure that you have found a vast majority. I like to have my clients throw artificial lures such as Rapala - Jerk Baits, Matrix Shad - paddle tails, and Heddon Zarra - Spooks. All these lures are user friendly and can be highly productive even for the most novelist fishermen to the highest grade bass fishermen. You can expect to be chucking and winding these lures on Shimano Stradic Ci4+ Reels and Tsunami Elite Air Wave Rods a very light sensitive combo that will keep you casting throughout the entirety of the trip with confidence and comfort. 

As we protrude later into the month of March the bite will only become better* We have even began to see a few flounder trickle back into the inter coastal waterways. The ( ICW ) as most would call it is also filled will Red Snapper, Big Red Fish, White Trout, Mangrove Snapper, Trigger Fish, and Pensacola's famous Spring time Sheepshead.

As of right NOW the Sheepshead are in Mega Schools ranging from an average of 3-6lbs up to 10lbs. What makes this bite so good is its predictability a almost sure thing* Perfect for families and kids of all ages. They put up a great fight and taste amazing. We catch these fish using live bait such as fiddler crabs and shrimp. Simply drop down and hold on!!!! In the mix of catching the sheepshead you are bound to catch the fish mentioned above as well #EVERYTHING EATS SHRIMP

Today's Report

Took a family of 4 out today. Father, son, Mother, and daughter all ready to bow up on some fish. We took position on my GO2 secret Sheepshead spot and boy where they some quick learners. It didnt take long before I heard that screaming sound of a Shimano Drag going off.... within minutes we had already boated a multitude of species. By the end of the first hour for whatever reason the girls on board where catching 85% of all the Sheeps.... and you know how this goes now the girls where getting cocky with a little smack talk hahahaha ( all in good FUN ) 

Really the deal was that the ladies would allow for the sheeps to nibble and bite they weren't to quick to set the hook. They would let the sheeps bite until their Rod would Bow up and then start reeling and set the hook.

Thats when the boy started to shine like his sister be began to not be so quick on the draw and started a little catching spree of his own!!! Now the whole family is smack talking the Dad. He's loosing shrimp left and right getting bites on every drop and couldnt hook into the thieving Sheepshead.

*****Sheepshead are known as the convicts of the sea with their black and white stripes and molar like teeth they have perfected the art of stealing bait. Hence the name Convict ******

Once Dad dialed into the bite he was a fish catching machine definitely ran his tally up by the end of the trip. But even with all of his fish none could stand to the biggin that his daughter caught. She had never caught anything other then a brim in her life and was very proud to have caught the big fish of the day! 

This Family of 4 was here on Vacation and I was honored to have them on my boat. They were able to make some new memories while salt water fishing for the first time and enjoy a bountiful amount of freshly caught fish with rest of the family members waiting for them at the beach.

Tight lines and Good Fishin 
Capt Josh

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Pensacola Fl has much to offer in the winter. During these cooler months you can find lots of fish bundled up tight in big schools in small areas making for some serious action. One of the most sought after species during this time is the Speckled Trout. The Trout this time of year are fat and fierce and the chance at catching a Big one is always best during the winter. 

This winter and the New Year has had some exceptional days and nights. As of lately Ive been patterning fish around tides, moon phases and weather patterns. What makes this winter different from past is all the warm weather. This has been putting fish in a more of a transitional moving pattern as if transitioning from fall to winter or winter to spring. Its the bait that seems to be most confused on where to go and what exactly to do and like wise the specks are following.  

What makes this entire Transitional Pattern special is what happens when winter all the sudden shows up again... and we get those 40 degree nights and 50 degree days. Now all that bait once thinking it was spring is forced back into their winter stomping grounds and the BIG SPECKS are just sitting there waiting to ambush and feed heavy. Not to say you cant get a BIG one during the warmer days, the pre front has also been a great time to target the larger females. 

Day or Night? Normally I would say it doesn't matter, just depends on tide and what ITS doing at the time. Although again if you want a chance at a trophy Speckled Trout the night time winter bite is most likely your best bet. Like most fish Specks are opportunistic they want a easy big meal, such as a croaker, mullet, gizzard shad any type of fin fish to fill their belly without exhausting too much energy. I find that its more often to find a Big Trout in an ambush area at night vs day. They seem to be more comfortable and the bait doesn't seem to stand a chance.  

Artificial Lures or Bait? On my Charters you can expect to throw lures 100% of the time unless you specifically tell me otherwise. Regardless of skill level I promise you that you can learn and do exactly what I do ( as long as you can cast ) Now as far as what exact lures I'm using.... its a long and extinguished list, but they all resemble a fin fish of some type. Now many say a slow retrieve is necessary to get strikes this time of year. Thats simply not the case especially this year with the warmer water. Lots of limits are being caught mid day all by way of reaction strikes. Find one fish and sometimes you found them all casting into the same spot over and over again until the limit is reached is not uncommon.

The beauty of speckled trout fishing is that it can be the easiest fishing in the world to do. As long as they're in feeding mode and we  have located the school there is no doing wrong and something of all ages can enjoy.

This winter has already pumped so many fish and many Large fish to boot.... book a trip now don't hesitate before you know it Spring will be here with a whole new ball game*

<![CDATA[´╗┐Epic Trips and Big Inshore Snappers]]>Mon, 28 Nov 2016 18:33:34 GMThttp://limitoutcharters.com/fishing-reports/epic-trips-and-big-inshore-snappersPicture
The Bull Red Run is still going strong. On these types of trips you can expect to see large numbers of schooling Red Fish on the surface of the water as many as up to 50-500 at a time! These fish are migrating from the Gulf and into Pensacola's bays and estuaries. They do this every year as part of their spawning migration and during this time you can have some of the up-most top notch fishing! Catching multiple Red Fish in the 15-30lb class while double hook ups, triple hook ups and even quadruple hooks are not uncommon. We even had a double quadruple hook up at on point *** thats 8 fish hooked up at 1 time!!!! The Bulls are not shy during this transition so fly rods - Top water lures - jigs - and crank baits are all fun ways to get it done. I provide 8ft Medium Tsunami Rods paired with 5000 size Shimano Stradic FK reels. These rods and reels allow you the angler to enjoy the fight of the fish without having to worry about a piece of the equipment failing. The 8ft rod is what I recommend because it allows for very long casts and has a very long butt section for more leverage while fighting the fish. The past few trips Ive been able to put beginner and avid anglers alike on some Giant Red Fish this is the type of fishing that an entire family or a few buds can really enjoy. Its as simple as cast into the middle of the school and hold on!!! Allow me to be your Captain and I'll be sure to locate the fish for you and allow you and your family/friends enjoy some of the Best fishing Pensacola has to offer.

<![CDATA[´╗┐Epic Red Fish Run]]>Tue, 22 Nov 2016 14:13:56 GMThttp://limitoutcharters.com/fishing-reports/epic-red-fish-runJoin my this fall and all the way into Mid December Chasing these Giant Red Fish across the bay. Right now the Reds are in full Migration mode moving from the gulf and flooding our Bay* Giant schools of up to 500 fish on the surface is not a uncommon sight this time of year. Average fish weighing 20lbs in wight and measuring in the 37" class up to 50". 
<![CDATA[Spring is Here!!!!!]]>Fri, 15 Apr 2016 18:32:45 GMThttp://limitoutcharters.com/fishing-reports/spring-is-herePicture
Come join me on the flats day or night this Spring already has a hot bite from trout to Giant Reds, we'll get it done.

<![CDATA[Runnin and Gunin]]>Fri, 15 Apr 2016 18:20:27 GMThttp://limitoutcharters.com/fishing-reports/runnin-and-guninPicture
April and May are great months for our inshore fishery here in Pensacola FL. lots of Red fish and Speckled Trout to be caught. The fish are up shallow making it a great time to throw artificial lures and top water plugs making them react for hard hitting strikes and action.